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Cloud migration is always daunting, but it’s transformative for your business when you get it right. Here are the skills you need to make it happen.

4 min read


Menna Chikhi

Four technical skillsets you need as you move to the cloud

Why do 50% of cloud migrations stall or fail? There might be as many reasons as there are migration...

Q&A with Frank Vernieuwe, CTIO at Velos IoT.

5 min read


Stuart Wilson

Tech leader profile: Frank Vernieuwe, CTIO, Velos IoT

Frank Vernieuwe is CTIO at Velos IoT, and one of many tech leaders that RPI has placed into cutting...

Hiring an interim leader can be the best choice for business transformation (or continuity). Here’s when and how.

4 min read


Jack Baughan

How interim talent can transform a business

When Mary Poppins arrived at the Banks Family residence, her employers were in desperate need of a...

It’s understandable that if you find the talent you need, you want them committed to your business. Here’s why that’s not always the best choice.

4 min read


Stuart Mennell

How contract roles help businesses to attract the best talent

Long term-ism is a virtue. Once you know the skills you need to bring into the business, and the...

When you’re looking for a new leader or new team members, interim and contract talent is often the best path to finding them. Here’s why.

4 min read


Mothi Rajendran

How interim and contract talent helps businesses find their long-term hire 

Sometimes the way to find a long-term solution is to think short-term. Here’s how contract and...

Keeping up with developments in the payments sector involves a lot of talent. Here are the skills that the sector needs the most.

5 min read


Luay Naib

Worth their weight in gold: the talent and skills the payment sector needs the most

In payments, legislation, technology, and consumer habits mean that new skills are required all the...

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