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Keeping up with developments in the payments sector involves a lot of talent. Here are the skills that the sector needs the most.

5 min read


Luay Naib

Worth their weight in gold: the talent and skills the payment sector needs the most

In payments, legislation, technology, and consumer habits mean that new skills are required all the...

Here’s how new methods of payment go from radical to commonplace, and what payment companies and FinTechs can learn from that.

7 min read


Paul Davey

Payment Accepted: why payment innovations succeed (and fail)

In 1982’s ‘Blade Runner’, which is set in the distant future of 2019, Harrison Ford’s character...

Payment tech moves rapidly, which involves many successes and failures in a short period, and a struggle to tell what will thrive and what will fail.

4 min read


Carmen Keating

Making them pay: innovations in payments and what they mean for business

Payment technology perfectly fits the well-used metaphor of a swan. It’s calm and elegant on the...

Rising demand has put pressure on datacentres, leading Cisco to introduce a new approach to network control. Fiona McLeod looks at what skills organisations will need to implement ACI.

3 min read


Fiona McLeod

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

As the world has moved increasingly online over the past couple of years, data centres have found it...

Advances in payments security and strategy are making fraud increasingly difficult. Here’s how the future of payment security looks.

5 min read


Paul Davey

Security and fraud in payments

Fraudsters might look at the direction of travel in payments and start to feel optimistic. After...

AI is becoming an increasingly important part of any payment offering. Here’s how it’s changing the sector.

5 min read


Paul Davey

The growing role of AI in payments

Without wishing to sound utopian, AI can make payments better for everyone in every way. From now to...

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