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What does it take to get the right skills, in the right place, at the right time? A global mindset. At RPI, we’re looking for recruiters with an international outlook to join our team and help our clients access the best in global talent.

Our areas of expertise

Focused on leadership and technology recruitment, RPI sources the talent that ignites transformation for our clients.

We have 8 defined specialisms: Leadership, Communications, Architecture, ERP, BI Data & Analytics, Software Engineering and DevOps, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, and Cyber Security.

Operating from offices across UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas and ANZ & Pacific we bring a very unique perspective to the global talent market – and a one-of-a-kind career experience to our people.

We work as a collaborative organization, often working together globally to ensure we deliver maximum value for our clients. We value global mobility and actively encourage career development.

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What are we looking for?

To be an RP International consultant, you’ll know that matching people to places is about more than ticking off requirements on a list, and that it requires a deeper understanding of both client and candidate.

You need to have an excellent eye for detail
You’ll need an understanding of the bigger international picture
You’re goal-oriented and ambitious, you’ll relish going a step further to deliver the right results
You’re prepared to learn, develop and improve.

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What our team have to say?

RPI engaged me for my first stint in 2016 in what was largely a "virtual" process. The discussion and eventual relocation from the UK to Singapore was smooth, encouraging and they assisted in all aspects of the relocation logistics. Three years on, I repatriated back to RPI’s London office after a profound learning curve in the developing Asia market. Since returning to London, RPI has provided the perfect platform to grow our footprint with Tier 1 Technology enterprises. My highlight so far has been an all expenses paid trip to Miami. The ultimate reward for performance.

Chris Secker, Europe

I originally joined RPI in 2001 and it was my first real role in the work place. My decision to join the organisation was based on the style of the Directors of the business, and it has proven to be a great decision. A decision, which has opened up opportunities for me to grow my responsibilities and work in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and ANZ & Pacific. The RPI platform has given me the opportunity to enjoy a varied career over the past two decades, starting and running businesses for the organisation in new geographies, and evolving my service to clients from contract, to permanent and on to executive search.

Chris Baker, ANZ & Pacific

Joining in February 2018 to build a Cyber Security practice, RPI’s global pedigree is what first attracted me. They have the horsepower and resources of a large corporate business, but still retain a non-corporate, agile, entrepreneurial, and personal approach to their operation, working environment, and customers. This was reinforced by the trust and freedom I was given to take ownership of my own success in terms of the strategy I would take. I have subsequently secured multiple global clients delivering both executive search and Permanent recruitment, but most importantly establishing true ‘business partner’ status with these clients which is inherent to the RPI philosophy.

James Foster, UK

From my first day with RPI without any doubt, I can say that I have continued to grow and expand both personally and professionally. Having the opportunity to work, meet and have direct access to the leaders of the company has helped me to look at the bigger picture of recruitment. I have been promoted twice in this period and have been rewarded well for my efforts. Since starting at RPI, I’ve got married, had a baby, bought my first house and lastly, my sales figures have enabled me to join the annual honours club including Dubai, Miami and New Orleans.

Mothi Rajendran, Asia

I joined RPI in 2015 to head the Pay & Bill team for the group. With the support from the Head of Finance as well as the Chief Finance Officer right from the beginning, RPI encouraged me and made me feel like I can really make a difference. My regular business trips to Dubai and Singapore as well as India, allow me to support my team personally regardless to which office they are based in. Having direct access and working closely with all the leaders across the group has made me learn so much more than I envisaged.

Michaela Bernklauova, UK

I joined RPI in 2008 with little experience in international recruitment and have grown so much since then; the company has given me every opportunity to learn and excel. What I like the most is that RPI has inspiring leaders, cares deeply about its staff and all efforts are always rewarded. With excellent support from managers and back office support, I have had the privilege to join the other top performers on several honours club trips including to Tokyo, South Africa, Los Vegas, and New Zealand.

Amy Li, Asia


At RPI, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering – across all of our work around the world. They are central to our mission and to our impact. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing—and increasingly diverse—world.


At RPI we support a number of charitable causes. Whether it’s through donations, physical trials that raise funds and awareness, or even an investment of time, our employees share a genuine enthusiasm to support programmes that help those in need. During 2021 we raised or donated over USD $15K to more than 10 charities.

RPI provides access to the top leadership and technology talent globally