CTOs and Senior IT leaders need to stay abreast of the latest trends surrounding data collection and analysis. Here’s 5 of the top trends RPI have identified for 2022.


• Oct 20 2021

Top 5 Data trends CTOs need to be aware of in 2022

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Data and analytics will become a central aspect of businesses

Businesses generate vast amounts of data, and having professionals that can analyse and interpret that data is vital to continued success, particularly in competitive markets. CTOs need to understand how to interpret data, how to organise and arrange it, and have models that provide valuable insight from data so that they can improve their decision making and make operations more effective.

‘Data fabrics’ are becoming increasingly important

The phrase ‘data fabric’ is being chucked around increasingly as CTOs realise the benefits of a unified architecture that helps organisations manage and maximise the value of their data.

The data fabric market size is projected to reach approximately £3,337 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 23.8% from 2019 to 2026.

AI is getting smarter

AI continues to drive business intelligence forward and can be used for even more advanced capabilities. One particular aspect of AI that continues to evolve is machine learning, which enables the analysis of large quantities of data quickly. Senior IT leaders need to figure out how they can scale AI systems effectively and apply them to their organisations. If they try and implement AI across their entire business at once it might fail, so it might make more sense for them to first target specific aspects of their business to trial the impact of AI.

Automation will be front and centre of the data process

Uploading, handling and processing data via automated tools saves businesses time and money. By eliminating repetitive tasks, CTOs can focus on work that makes a real impact. It’s no wonder 74% of organisations say that they are actively looking for new cases for automation in their business.

Company cultures need to reflect data-driven operations

Improvements in data technology are driving forward a thing – but only when employees are on board with the shifting sands of advancing technologies. That’s why CTOs and senior business leaders need to ensure that they are collaborating with teams that are making use of Agile working methods that make it easier for them to adapt to new data technologies. The development of new technologies and business intelligence are growing increasingly important every day. The question is: can workforces keep up with the pace?

RPI sources C-level data specialists for transformational business projects

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