Meet The Team

Julian Frankum


Born in the UK, partially raised in Asia, Julian started in recruitment addressing the IT needs of major banks immediately after he graduated from Liverpool University.

He founded RP International with his partners in 1998 and having been instrumental in RPI’s expansion across Latam, Europe and AsiaPac he relocated to Dubai in 2009 to diversify and transform the MEA operations and has been the regional CEO since then.

Julian has steered RPI and its MEA clients through ever-changing and complex regional issues. He works hard to understand the prevailing geopolitical issues and diverse cultures as MEA countries adopt digital strategies to transform their economies and enhance the emerging regional talent. He stops at nothing to provide his clients and candidates with an accurate understanding of the regional commercial landscape. This has included throwing himself out of a plane and free falling from 13000 ft above Dubai just to take a birds-eye holistic view.

“I am blessed with truly the very best recruitment team in Dubai and in spite of my input they have done the most amazing job diversifying RPI MEA from just telecoms into all industry sectors embracing agile Digital Transformation for monetized customer centricity” – he will modestly quip in interviews for regional radio and at industry conventions.