RPI Competency Centres for CSPs (Communication Service Providers) supply highly-skilled experts to projects and programmes. Our service is the delivery of whole teams onto projects, consisting of experts acting as an authority in their specialism and resource pools tailored to our client’s hiring plans. Our capabilities span multiple business areas in the CSP domain, including CRM, Billing, Order-Management and several others on large-scale transformations.

RPI Competency Centres can be engaged in different models:

  • The addition of a small team into an existing technology team; delivering specific competence to project, program or operational teams
  • Providing a critical senior hire (expert) (Programme Director, CTO, CIO); needed to manage and deliver entire lifecycle of specific element or complete project or program.
  • As an R&D Centre; interacting directly with business and technology stakeholders in defining and achieving business goals
  • Service management; RPI taking ownership of the delivery of a project team. Working with the business to plan and build out an entire service portfolio (planning, designing, business consulting, development, integration, testing, administration, support and legacy).

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