RPI Academy - Learning & Development

We’re hiring within Architecture, Big Data & Analytics and Cyber Security on both Contract and Permanent markets. We hire the brightest people into our teams and give you the opportunity to make exciting, senior placements in innovative, emerging markets. RPI are as passionate about giving our new recruits the best possible opportunity to have a successful career as they are. Stop waving your fingers over generic jobs on the internet, click here to join our next Academy!

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learning & development: four step programme

Unlike other recruiters we don’t push you to run before you can walk!  We have implemented an established four step Development Programme that fully equips you to be an expert recruiter.  You will have a chance to practice different techniques and be given feedback and coaching before you are allocated your own specialist area to work on. 

Hear from our CEO on why to join RPI

step one | training academy

When you join us at RP International, you are teamed up with other members of your Academy. Over the first 12 weeks, your training sessions are interactive workshops to help you understand and sell our different service offerings and improve your competencies in the field of recruitment. We have created a comprehensive programme with modules dedicated to;

  • Identifying Candidates
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Job Qualification
  • Pitching for Business
  • Market Mapping
  • Objection Handling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Client Meetings
  • Winning Accounts

All modules have material for you to take away and use in your daily work. Learning about the science of selling and behaviours of your candidates and clients. You will practice the ideas you come up with and then apply them on the sales floor immediately.

step two | experts

With an enviable staff retention rate you will be surrounded by experts.  Experts that are willing to share their knowledge and best practice and answer any questions you may have. Gradually your development becomes more on-the-job and moves into exciting topics like managing offers and securing placements, our experts are always on hand to give you sound advice.

step three | ongoing development

At the end of your 12 week program, you prepare a presentation and deliver it to your managers on how you will grow your vertical market and own your 360 degree desk. All of your learning is underpinned by regular one2one coaching from our Head of Learning & Development, which continues every month of your first year.

We have a 5 module learning programme in place to get you from your 1st promotion to your 2nd promotion to Senior Consultant and another 4 module programme in place to then support you towards achieving your 3rd promotion. At this stage in your career you are looking after several accounts and have earnt your stripes as a key recruiter in your field.

We’re proud of our transparency and encourage discussions about personal development and skill enhancement and will commit to offering support, whether in-house or external whenever it’s deemed appropriate.

step four | management development

Being successful as a recruiter does not make you a good manager, therefore we have an exciting career path for those who wish to progress without having to manage people.  However, if you do have leadership traits and wish to develop in this area, once again we’re right beside you every step of the way. We have a comprehensive management programme which includes classroom and on the job training, coupled with one on one coaching and support.

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