Digital Transformation Recruitment

Organisations are competing to develop effective Digital Transformation strategies to ensure that all of their departments are operating at optimum efficiency with digital technologies. RPI’s clients are embracing innovations in communication, whether they are related to Cloud, hosting, eCommerce, mobile applications, social media, and CRMs on Digital platforms. The recruitment of Digital Transformation experts is key to a range of RPI’s clients and It is estimated that just one-third of companies globally have an effective Digital Transformation program in place, according to a three year study by MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting.  


RPI have been working very hard to build out teams in preparation for large scale Digital Transformation projects with AMDOCs for Vodafone, with Jaguar Land Rover and with Ericsson for the biggest Transformation programme in Telecoms’ history for Vimpelcom. RPI understand that to transform entire systems by introducing new, innovative technologies incurs many repercussions involving integration and legacy. Expertise doesn’t always come from the same industry but in our candidates’ ability to own and lead large-scale transformations. RPI work closely with those leaders to grow their teams with them to achieve their business goals.

Working in Business Readiness recruitment, Change recruitment, Business Analyst recruitment, Solutions Architecture recruitment, CRM Architecture recruitment, Business Process Recruitment and Legacy recruitment, we are capable of supplying entire teams to our clients and providing long-term solutions well in advance of transformation implementation.