Data Management & Analytics Recruitment

The investment RPI’s clients are making in their Data Strategies has increased by 87% in the last year. Big data, Data Science and Data Architecture have evolved to a point that they are re-writing the way companies engage with their customers. Organisations are now dealing with datasets so large and complex that traditional analysis tools and methods can no longer produce the required insights in a short enough timeframe. The recruitment of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers to build and develop incredible algorithms, processes, reports and predictions saves our clients’ money from the day they start.

Our Data Management team have worked on several transformations to recruit the best Data professionals. RPI’s Data team have seen the evolution of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science to modern tools such as Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Qlikview and Tableau. This demonstrates how data has grown in importance, influencing everything from capital spend decisions through to maximising the value derived from a customer lifecycle. With data streams expanding exponentially in size and complexity every year, companies in other industries now have the opportunity to harness complex datasets to support the growth of the business.

Here is an overview of RPI’s Data Management, Data Science and Big Data jobs

RPI recruits for end-user enterprises, specialist Data start-ups and IT consultancies to support the growth and exploration of the Big Data, Data Science and Analytics domain. We have had great success in placing a key senior hire into a business and working with that Lead Architect or Head of Data Science to build out their teams for their projects and initiatives.


Analytics Management, Big Data Architecture, Big Data Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Data Analytics, Data Mining.