Cyber Security Recruitment

RPI have been supplying recruitment into Cyber Security functions since demand has risen in recent years. The general shift towards digital systems and processes and increased activity in cyberspace has been accompanied by a rise in risk and security threats. Threats to Information Security, Data Security and Network Security mean that cyber-attacks can take many forms and focus on various systems including telecommunications, the internet and computers. The recruitment of Cyber Security experts have exposed RPI to tremendous insights into what is expected of our Cyber Security candidates.

RPI recruit for companies that range from specialist Security vendors to IT consultancies and to a number of end clients. The number and sophistication of cyber-attacks is ever-growing and with legislation around the subject becoming more prolific and high profile, our clients have needed RPI to recruit several contract and permanent candidates in all three of our regions (Europe, Middle East and Asia).


Chief Information Officer, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Strategy, Chief Technology Officer,Chief Digital Officer. Global Head of Cybersecurity, Head of Enterprise Risk & Compliance, Head of Information Security, Cyber Security Analyst, Head of Security Practice, Cyber Solutions Architect, Senior Manager Security Strategy, Chief eDiscovery Specialist.


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