Corporate Social

At RPI we support a number of charitable causes. Whether it’s through donations, physical trials that raise funds and awareness, or even an investment of time, our employees share a genuine enthusiasm to support programmes that help those in need.

Some examples of our commitment are available below.

Hope for Cambodian Children

Hope for Cambodian Children is a community based organisation that supports impoverished children to help them break down the barriers to realise their dreams for a better life. Hope for Cambodian Children provides a community outreach programs that supports vulnerable children and their families by providing education and healthcare. For 2 consecutive years, our Regional Director, Jeremy Hopwood has participated in an 800km bike ride from Cambodia to Thailand to raise funds – which RP International has proudly supported.

UmRio Project Blue

UmRio is a charity which empowers and engages young people in Rio’s most vulnerable regions through education, rugby and healthcare. For youth in Morro do Castro, rugby harnesses the potential for a little-known sport to create a community. This community then provides opportunities and identities for young people, which would not otherwise available in the favela. This year RPI are actively supporting UmRio’s newest initiative, Project Blue.


Scope Starting Line Programme

RP International is involved with Scope’s ‘Starting Line’ Programme through their ‘Employment Team’. This is a 7-week pre-employment course that aims to:

  • develop important employability skills such as confidence, assertiveness and time management
  • provide help with CV and interview techniques
  • look at volunteering, training and work experience opportunities to boost skills.