Corporate Social

At RPI we support a number of charitable causes. Whether it’s through donations, physical trials that raise funds and awareness, or even an investment of time, our employees share a genuine enthusiasm to support programmes that help those in need.

Some examples of our commitment are available below.


In order to combat the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil, UmRio is launching its Level the Playing Field Campaign to fundraise enough money to support 139 people who are living on less than US$1 per day.

Providing a lifeline to the most vulnerable of children and young people, the inspiring campaign will fund their 2021 rugby development programme, giving those in most need a fighting chance for a better life.

Here at RP International, we are proud to be able to support such a fantastic cause and have donated £300 to UmRio, contributing towards making their ambitious plans a reality.

Click the link below to learn more about the project.



Our ‘Go the Distance with RPI’ challenge aimed to promote general wellbeing and most importantly raise awareness and importance of mental health by supporting YoungMinds in the UK and the Al Jalila Foundation in Dubai.

Over the course of 5 weeks, the RPI team set an ambitious target to cover 8,395km to mark RPI’s 23rd birthday (23 years x 365 days = 8,395km). Our fantastic participants took part in various sport activities, including; walking, running, cycling, swimming and rowing, and surpassed our target with a total of 8,714km!

We raised £3,030 for YoungMinds and 1,000 AED for the Al Jalila Foundation! This is all for the great cause of supporting children, teenagers and young people with mental health challenges.



Another year of the Six Nations Rugby Championship tournament – each weekend, 50 participants including RPI employees, clients, candidates, friends, and families virtually battled in a fantasy league to maximise their points in hopes of winning the £250 charity fund and £250 personal prize.

RPI’s very own John Curtis-Oliver was the victor, whose team “Type One Warriors” won with a total of 4,284 points! In fantastic sport, John donated the entire £500 prize to a charity very close to his heart – JDRF UK – who fund type 1 diabetes research to improve lives and one day, hope to eradicate the condition for good.

To learn more about the cause and/or donate, please click the link below.


The Big Walk - 12th December 2020

At RPI, we dedicate December to raising funds for homelessness – a cause we feel is most prevalent over the Christmas period. Many people struggle with bad housing, and enduring the coronavirus pandemic without a safe place to live, must be especially difficult.

Last year, the RPI Group took part in The Big Walk to raise funds for Shelter in the UK and our colleagues in the Asia region raised funds for those who are away from home over the Christmas period by supporting the Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund. The RPI team raised a total of 635 SGD for the Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund, 650 GBP for Shelter, and ended up walking a total distance of just over 200km in a single day!

Instead of having a traditional office Secret Santa last year, we decided to donate the money we would have spent, towards a good cause instead – a new tradition that we’d like to do every year. Hopefully, we brightened someone’s festive season but even more so their future. To learn more about the cause and/or donate, please click the link below.


HIRO Bike Ride - 17th October 2020

Hope for Cambodian Children provides a community outreach program that supports impoverished, vulnerable children and their families by providing education and healthcare. For 3 consecutive years, our Client Partner, Paul Clayson and Regional Director, Jeremy Hopwood have participated in an 800km bike ride from Cambodia to Thailand to raise funds. As a result of the 2020 pandemic, last year’s ride offered our global team the chance to support from their respective home countries, virtually ‘passing the baton’ over a 24 hour period.

The annual HIRO4Hope bike ride begun back in 2014 to raise funds for Little Hiros Preschool. Within just 5 years, the foundation raised 1,000,000 SGD and last year, the RPI team alone raised 6,460 SGD!

We are extremely grateful to those following the HOPE for Cambodian Children story. To learn more or to to sign up for the 2021 ride, please click the link below.


2020 Six Nations Fantasy Rugby - 31st October 2020

Over the course of the 2020 Six Nations Rugby Championship tournament, our CEO Stuart Wilson and other members of the RPI team, as well as clients, candidates and friends, took part in a fantasy league. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Six Nations took place in February and March, but the last four matches were concluded in October.

Rather than keep the total winnings, the victor decided to donate the funds to his two chosen charities. It has been a pleasure to donate to both the Regimental Museum in Yorkshire, who provide a programme of educational and social activities for the local communities, and Myeloma UK, a charity that provides support to sufferers and their families and funds research into treatments.

To learn more about the cause and/or donate, please click the link below.


Young Minds

Did you know 3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem? Young Minds is a charity leading the fight for young people’s mental health. They provide materials for schools and teachers to help build a strong support system, to raise awareness and educate young people from an early age. Young Minds also assists parents who are affected by their own children’s mental health, through specialist resources and access to a parent helpline. To learn more and/or donate, click the link below.


UmRio Project Blue

UmRio is a charity which empowers and engages young people in Rio’s most vulnerable regions through education, rugby and healthcare. For youth in Morro do Castro, rugby harnesses the potential for a little-known sport to create a community. This community then provides opportunities and identities for young people, which would not otherwise available in the favela. This year RPI are actively supporting UmRio’s newest initiative, Project Blue. We recently donated to them a brand new laptop, which will really help with the delivery of their programmes in Morro do Castro in the sharing of resources with the local schools they work closely with.


Scope Starting Line Programme

RP International is involved with Scope’s ‘Starting Line’ Programme through their ‘Employment Team’. This is a 7-week pre-employment course that aims to:

  • develop important employability skills such as confidence, assertiveness and time management
  • provide help with CV and interview techniques
  • look at volunteering, training and work experience opportunities to boost skills.

Our CEO, Stuart Wilson completed the Marathon des Sables in support of this charity – click the link below to find out more.