UAE Airport Transformation

RP International’s (RPI) client is a global AI-Technology company.  It designs, develops, and deploys solutions based on large datasets to efficiently manage and enhance municipality management. Our client’s systems integrate with existing tools to identify and resolve pain points, such as energy conservation through intelligent organization of peaking power plants and easing traffic with real-time adjustment to tolls and flow through redirecting.

RPI was selected as the exclusive recruitment partner to assist the client in delivering a brand new initiative with a major UAE airport digital transformation.

The client was tasked to develop proof of concept across all airport domains impacted by digitalisation, including front office, back office, corporate and commercial systems and in particular those systems which would create a seamless passenger journey.

Delivery and Domain Leads were initially recruited to lead the five project streams, followed by Business Analysts, Architecture and Project Management Office Experts.

RPI was challenged by strict and moderate budgets and so talent had to be mapped, searched and selected from the local UAE talent market.  Talent that had recently left the UAE was also mapped and willingness to return and relocate back to the UAE was a key screening criterion.  Specific Aviation and Airport domain experience was a necessity.  The turnaround time was measured in days as the resources needed to be able to start within 2-3 weeks and so the pool of resource was very small to head hunt from.

RPI provided both outsourced visa and payroll solutions for 20 consultants, seven different nationalities made up the programme team, and many had worked with RPI in the past and so were well referenced by previous clients which made the selection process easier for the end client.

Due to the strength of the people placed, the client is fast moving to become the most digitally advanced airport in the world with the most advanced and seamless customer journey ever experienced.