Telecoms Business Transformation & Growth

Our Client is a leading Telecoms and Digital Company with a customer base of more than 100 million people across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. They are the leading communications company in Qatar, delivering first-class services for customers, businesses, residences and organisations. They are currently focused on building their “Supernet” network to improve Qatar’s connectivity both internally and externally.

Our client was looking to elevate its regional status in advanced ICT services and therefore separated its Enterprise Services division from its Consumer division in order to provide each with its own resources to boost growth. In parallel with this process, they took the opportunity to reorganise their broader organisation and to bring in new leadership across various divisions. Their aim was to attract top-tier executives from developed markets who would be able to bring global best practices, particularly in transforming the mind-set of the Enterprise division from ‘traditional’ to ‘digital’.

There were numerous factors that inspired our client to select RP International as its recruitment partner of choice for this project. Firstly, our history with the client, recruiting countless Executives and subject matter experts to help them launch operators in many global markets. Secondly, our regional presence in Dubai, UAE means we have a deep understanding of the Middle East not just professionally, but culturally too. Thirdly, our global network of talent ranging from Europe to South America to ANZAC meant that we could identify global talent from the developed markets that our client needed.

On the clients’ request, RPI consultants focused on the European region, where they identified the top-level Executives in mature telco markets. These candidates were sourced from the likes of Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Orange and Telenor. Given our deep experience in this industry sector, we were able to source many of these from our pre-existing global talent network. Owing to this, we could immediately engage in discussions with these Executives to gauge their interest in this opportunity and expand our network with referrals if those initially identified were not interested. These previous relationships with the executives were critical to being able to provide our client with a shortlist in a very short timeframe.

Following the submission of our shortlist, RPI facilitated interviews for 11 Vice President and CXO level roles. From these interviews, we were able to benchmark the internal talent that the client had and we were consequently able to source candidates from outside the MEA region for the following positions: Vice President (VP) of Sales & Go To Market Strategy; VP of Post-paid and Fixed Marketing; VP of Partnerships & Planning; VP of Development & Services, and VP of ICT Product Development.

Since the placements our client has experienced significant Year-on-Year growth in the Enterprise space and they have launched new service lines for IoT and cloud. They have also won a mega smart city project in Qatar.