Telecommunications Digital Transformation

RPI is enabling our client to deliver the most complex Digital Transformation across Europe currently. We are placing people with 4 different companies all working on the same project, presenting a myriad of cultural challenges. Currently, we have 71 contractors and 3 senior contractors working with our client. Of the 29 contractors that are working on the project in Rome, only 2 were not sourced by RPI.

RPI provided skilled candidates with many varied qualities such as high-level BSS transformation management, integration and implementation experience, stakeholder management, Agile methodology knowledge and implementation. Such a wide variety of skills provided highlights the breadth of the RPI network, while the success of each contractor we’ve placed emphasises the depth of the network.

RPI has both pro-actively headhunted and drawn upon its vast network of talented individuals to source many roles: some highly specialised, many to be conducted in foreign languages. RPI’s consultants ascertained the specific skill sets needed from the job descriptions, shortlisted and conducted preliminary interviews to ease the hiring process for our client. RPI has produced an impressive CVs submitted: interview ratio: in many cases, 1:1.