Telecommunications BSS Transformation

Our client is a leading global provider of cloud-based Business Support Solutions (BSS) and IT consulting services and employs over 450 IT professionals in Finland, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, the US and India. Our client’s BSS solutions bring significant cost savings for operators and increase the efficiency of said operations. The key drivers for their BSS are digitalisation, flexibility and customer experience – but this requires the right individuals. RPI provides talented, ambitious and appropriate candidates for the roles, which in turn, enables our client to deliver the most complex digital transformation across Europe currently.

RPI currently has 74 people with 4 different companies all working on the same project. Of the 29 contractors that are working on the project in Rome, only 2 were not sourced by RPI.

RPI provided skilled candidates with many varied qualities such as high-level BSS transformation management, integration and implementation experience, stakeholder management, board-level communication skills, Agile project management, working across multiple technical teams to develop Freestyle solutions, strong knowledge and previous successful applications of Scrum theory etc. Such a wide variety of skills required highlights the breadth of the RPI network and the successful placements emphasise the sufficient depth of its network.

RPI has both pro-actively head hunted and drawn upon its vast network of talented individuals to provide suitable candidates for many roles, some highly specialised, many to be conducted in foreign languages.