Fintech Innovation

Our client is a Fintech business started by one of the leading Telecoms operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  RP International has a long track record of supporting the Telco Operator, both at Group level and at an Operating company level, inside and outside of KSA, so we were asked to drive the recruitment of the launch team for their new Fintech business in Saudi Arabia.

The Fintech business targeted the KSA market exclusively due to the size of the market and the strong focus of the KSA government on developing a robust fintech industry.  Our client was selected by the KSA Financial Regulator, SAMA, to be one of a select group of start-up companies to participate in a fintech “sandbox” development program, and was given a license to launch a microlending service as an initial product.

In recruiting the launch team, our client needed to first hire a Saudi Arabian national as CEO.  This person would need to interact effectively with SAMA, develop a broad product set targeting diverse customer segments, build the organization by providing an operational structure, and grow the team.  Their ultimate goal as a company is to provide a full suite of digital financial services, so having someone from the finance sector who understood payments, lending, and risk, but also who understood how technology is changing the industry, was critical to building the business.

RPI was able to leverage our broad network within KSA to quickly identify several executive candidates from within the financial services sector who were leading digital transformation within their banks.

The successful candidate was referred to us by a trusted source, who provided a credible introduction. Through RPI’s rigorous selection process, we ensured the candidate had the appropriate skill set to transition seamlessly from Financial Services into the Telecoms space.

In the end, our clients were able to hire their CEO within a three month search period, and he has had an immediate impact on the business.