Education Project Solutions Services

RP International was engaged by an Educational and Training consultancy to help them establish in the Middle East who describe themselves as the ‘the class rebel’ and the ‘digital education revolution’. They design and develop innovative learning solutions to upskill and empower people for the now and for the future. Making sure talent and education is fit for ‘Industry 4.0’.

In the Middle East, they are working with Education ministries creating centres of excellence, and corporate academies on digital learning strategies, immersive technologies and engaging content to build unique learning experiences to support local economies and government goals. Through digital innovation, our client is building a focus on evaluation and reinforcement models, through digital mechanisms to harvest global data, to enhance the understanding of teaching and learning models, and provide an evidence-based policy to support the ongoing development of teaching and learning across the region.

They entered the GCC in 2017 and to help they engaged RP International. As a regional start-up aiming to manage initial costs, our client chose to use RPI Project Solutions for visa solutions, payroll, compliance and hot desks to employ their staff. Later this engagement progressed to recruiting experts in sales, marketing and technology. The relationship has now evolved and RP International has been instrumental in helping our client navigate some of the regional business opportunities they are pursuing. In addition, we have also facilitated critical introductions to regional decision-makers in industry and education.