Cyber Security Architect Project

Our client is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for enterprise-wide secure collaboration on confidential information and documents who were looking for a Security Architect, Mobile Applications to be based in Germany. This position required an iOS developer background, penetration testing skills, cryptography and a firm understanding of information security policy and compliance procedures.

The challenge was that typical career paths within the cyber security arena don’t allow for one individual to easily obtain all of these skills and therefore the market typically sees these skill sets split out into three separate roles. In addition, the candidate had to be senior enough to lead a mature team of developers and other internal stakeholders from a cyber security perspective across multiple areas of security.

As a result of the breadth of skills needed, our client’s internal recruitment team and their local agency suppliers were unable to identify any candidates prior to engaging RP International. Our expertise in the cyber security market gave them the confidence to engage us on a role that was becoming business critical for them.

Immediately after liaising with our senior network and mapping skill set and target companies, RPI was able to identify someone with all these skills didn’t officially exist and started a search model to target consultancies as their exposure to multiple projects and aspects of security may offer more opportunity for a diverse security skill set that the client was ultimately looking for.

Within 8 days of agreeing on the Terms of Business, 2 candidates were presented to the client. Subsequently managing a multistage interview process, an offer was made and the candidate accepted. The whole process took 6 weeks.