Pega and RPI at the heart of business transformation

RPI has launched a new Pega Systems practice, to bring together the technology and talent businesses need to transform for Industry 4.0.

For organisations across the globe, Pega Systems is at the heart of business transformation – but it takes more than technology to achieve real change.

To make any transformation a success, businesses need access to talent that can not only implement new technologies and initiatives, but drive commercial outcomes and maximise the impact of their investments.

That’s why RPI has launched a dedicated Pega Practice, to enable businesses to combine the Pega Platform with the skills they need to drive their business into the future.

Whether businesses are looking to drive BPM, Robotics, Advanced Decisioning (AI) or all three through the Pega Platform, RPI can supply certified Pega consultants, strategists and implementors who are ready to make an immediate impact.

With 10+ years of applied experience of the Pega Platform, and up to date training on all Pega capabilities, RPI’s candidates can take an active role in driving change from the start.


Using Pega Systems to make change a reality

As businesses race towards industry 4.0, many start out with a vision for transformation, but find it difficult to deliver meaningful change. Company politics is often a stumbling block, and change can quickly become isolated to certain areas of the business, rather than spreading to every department.

Pega Systems provides a technology platform to underpin end-to-end business transformation, enabling companies to build one customer journey at a time – and making it possible to ensure that change affects every step on that journey, wherever it falls in the business.

For example, a banking customer’s journey may be broken down into several separate divisions: mortgage, credit card, home insurance, etc. Yet digital transformation is driving customer demand for a more seamless journey – a single point of contact, a streamlined experience. To make that demand a reality, businesses need to ensure that transformation can reach even the furthest corners of the organisation.

Pega Systems gives businesses the agility they need to create that seamless communication and transformation, resulting in a more sustainable approach to change.


Why partner with RPI?

RPI specialises in sourcing talent for transformation. At RPI, our Technology SMEs are placed with full consideration of business implications and requirements – not just technical specifications. We specialise in placing the people who understand what’s really needed to drive change and deliver results. By getting to know our candidates and consultants as well as we know our clients, we find the right match for both parties.

Our experience tells us that having Transformation done to or for your business doesn’t deliver real change that is supported across the business. We believe that having experienced resources who come together to do transformation with you is key to driving change deeper into the organisation. Staff are energised and committed to achieving change by working with strong, experienced resources who care about both human and business outcomes.

Our diverse client base ranges from FTSE & Fortune 500 companies, established brands and innovative new ventures in the technology space across the Communication, Automotive, Aviation & FSI industries and beyond. But they all share a common goal: a commitment to transformation that is shaping the future of industry.

Our new Pega service is a continuation of our fundamental goal: to be a talent resource that puts people at the heart of our client’s digital challenges.

To discuss your Pega challenges and opportunities – and how RPI candidates can make a difference – call us on +442035977150 and ask to speak to John Everhard, Andrew Jones or Stuart Wilson on the Pega Practice team.


Technology solutions that stem from business transformation with Pega include:

  • Digitisation
  • BSS Migration
  • Improved Security
  • Cloud based strategies
  • Customer Engagement
  • CRM/ERP implementation
  • HR/HCM systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Management/ MDM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Service Delivery & Assurance
  • Customer Experience
  • Architectural Governance
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise
  • Leadership & Delivery
  • Software Development
  • KYC


We have Pega SMEs in roles such as:

  • Head of Transformation
  • Lead System Analysts
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Senior Technical Architects
  • Engagement Managers
  • Business Analysis
  • Solutions Architecture
  • IS Strategy and Transformation
  • Scrum/AGILE Project Managers
  • Project Delivery Leaders
  • UI Solution Designers
  • Robotics architects
  • Business Analysis / Solution Design
  • Decisioning Architects
  • Data Migration
  • Senior Systems Architects


To find out more, call Stuart on +44203 597 7152 or email