The most complex digital transformation in Europe

Two legacy infrastructures. Two company cultures. 30 million mobile users. One digital transformation.

Our client was embarking on one of the most complex digital transformations across Europe.

Following a merger, this telco needed to bring their two companies, two cultures and two legacy IT infrastructures together to create a stronger, better business, ready to embrace industry 4.0.

It needed to move forward, fast. Their biggest challenges? Cultural divide, communication, rigid work processes and talent.

To make the merger – and their digital transformation – a success, they needed the right people in place to connect the dots and bring the project together. Communication was a hurdle. With two distinct development teams – both entrenched in their old businesses and previous ways of working – failing to communicate effectively, they needed a fluid skills resource to:

  • Define new Agile Ways of Working to close gaps between teams
  • Coach in Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Drive the project (and the merged business) forward practically

But perhaps most importantly, they needed subject matter experts who could understand the complexity of their project – not just from a technical perspective, but a cultural one.


RPI’s solution

To support the project, RPI onboarded:

  • 70+ Senior Subject Matter Experts to advise the entire transformation end to end.
  • A team of Scrum Master/Agile coaches
  • Fluid, ad-hoc implementors

Thanks to RPI’s placements, teams within the merged entity embraced Agile methodology and maintained momentum on the transformation project.

At RPI, our Technology SMEs are placed with full consideration of business implications and requirements – not just technical specifications. We get to know our candidates and consultants as well as we know our clients, to find the right match for both parties.

It’s the reason we launched RPI. We wanted to be a talent resource that put people at the heart of our client’s digital challenges. If you would like to hear how our experience can support you through your digital transformation, please call us on +442035977150 to discuss the details and find out more.