Don’t overlook the people behind transformation

You need more than the right technology to transform your business. You need the right talent.


There’s a reason that up to 890 million new jobs are expected to be generated by the fourth industrial revolution in the next ten years. People with the right skills, experience and insight are needed for every aspect of Industry 4.0, in every business – and it’s not just for implementation.


It needs specialists who can integrate your innovations into existing systems, to bring your business and your teams into the future.


It needs digital leaders, technical innovators, expert implementors, commercial leaders…a whole host of professionals ready to lead your own digital revolution and add value over your competitors.


So how do you find these game-changing people – and know they’re the right fit for your business?


With digital innovation rippling from sector to sector, it’s no longer enough to source highly skilled people within your own industry. To secure the most competent and able individuals you need, you need to know where that talent is being developed to its full potential and stretched to the limit.


Most of our time at RPI is spent watching digital trends develop in every industry, across almost every continent. By tapping into global talent flows, we’re able to access skills for our clients on demand, ready to facilitate projects as varied as scaling cyber security for 5G, leading major legacy BSS stack transformations to implementing bespoke AI initiatives.


What’s more, we get to know our candidates and consultants as well as we know our clients, making placements that don’t just tick the right boxes but seamlessly integrate into company culture.


At RPI, we’re not just supplying Technology SMEs, but those who also understand the business implications and requirements: we specialise in placing the people who understand what’s really needed to drive change and deliver results.


To find out more about RPI’s unique approach to finding global, cross-sector talent, call Rory on +442035977215 or email