Project solutions: Flexible access to global skills in the UAE

By Graham Packer, Managing Director RPI Project Solutions, Dubai


With just 14 months to go until the next World Expo opens in Dubai, commercial opportunities are mounting across the UAE, especially in technology and telecoms. The need for flexible access to global skills is crucial – but it’s not always easy to secure in the region, where restrictions on overseas workers make agile international skills recruitment a challenge.

Fortunately, there is a solution, one that enables businesses operating in the UAE to secure the talent they need for projects, without the complications and commitment involved in making their own temporary hires.




RP International’s Project Solutions helps UAE-based businesses, and those expanding into the UAE, overcome this challenge by providing access to unrestricted temporary foreign staff visas, manpower services and, if necessary, office space.

By outsourcing your visa requirements to us, we can take care of:
Sourcing & selecting candidates: including talent engagement, interview schedules and assessments

Initiating the offer process: including flexible payment schedule, timesheet analysis and collation, payment scheduling through the wage protection system, deductions/overtime/bonus payment calculations, payslip generation, expenses and allowances management

Visa & payroll services: including entry and work permits, Tasheel-registered offer letters, Ministry of Labour registered employment documents, government deposits, medical tests, emirates I.D registration and delivery, change of status application, visa stamping

Employee management: Including legally-compliant medical insurance and supporting claims against medical insurance, issuing N.O.C.s, driving license applications, tracking and managing annual and sick leave, opening bank accounts, temporary housing arrangements and relocation assistance, annual/bi-annual flight allowances to home country, repatriation at end of contract, family status sponsorship and benefits, and end of service benefits




The government’s increasingly wide Emiratisation policy – a regional initiative to employ more Emiratis in the public and private sector – is making it harder and harder for businesses to recruit non-Emirati workers. Tight visa regulations already limit the number of foreign work permits available, with visa applications frequently blocked by the Ministry of Labour as a result.

This presents three key challenges to businesses:

  1. SKILLS – In many cases, finding the right skills (especially specialist tech roles) locally can be difficult.
  2. ADMINISTRATION – Hiring locally involves significant administration costs and bureaucracy.
  3. FLEXIBILITY – Employing people directly makes it much harder to trial, grow, pivot and scale down a business.




RPI Project Solutions has operated in Dubai since 2002, providing ambitious businesses with access to skilled foreign labour. We’re able to do this thanks to our MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) On Demand Labour Supply Licence and vast regional expertise.

Having this license means we can support visas for staff deployed throughout any part of the UAE; we are not restricted to any Emirate or Free Zones as other visa companies are. The nature of our Business enables us to attain unlimited visa quota as required, and we can sponsor visas for temporary foreign staff for all kinds of roles and businesses – from telecoms to banking and media.




We’ve helped dozens of organisations scale up and down through our visa and payroll services.

 Typical use cases include:

  • Testing the market: we provide temporary staff and office space for companies looking to test the market
  • Exiting the market: we transfer existing personnel onto temporary visas, and recruit specialist skills, for businesses phasing-out after closure
  • Trialling new products and services: we provide specialist skills for project development and implementation
  • Meeting spikes in demand: we provide extra manpower to deal with increased consumer demand on services
  • Scaling up, down and diversifying: we provide the required flexible workforce needed to scale and diversify




Virgin Mobile

Executive Search and Interim Experts Visa Hosting & Payroll

  • Hosting Virgin MEA staff on our Visas, and providing local payroll services
  • Marketing & Sales Experts
  • Customer Experience Experts
  • Mobile Online Developers



IT and Digital Transformation – Over 500 experts supplied

  • PMO & Program Management
  • Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Customer Experience
  • Loyalty
  • Cargo & Logistics
  • Mobility
  • Scrum & Agile Experts
  • Transformation & Change
  • Management
  • Developers & Designers
  • ERP Experts