RPI Candidate Journey: ‘RPI gave me fantastic telecoms role in Saudi Arabia’

The telecoms industry is growing, and in the UK alone, one in every 10 people is employed in IT and Telecoms. However, the opportunities don’t stop there…

Global telecom revenue growth is set to exceed 2%-3% through 2019, primarily driven by broadband, high speed data demands and 5G. And with Asia currently accounting for 36.6% of the global telecoms market, the prospects for working overseas is increasing.

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are all positioning themselves as market leaders, demonstrating significant progress towards 5G. The increasing adoption of the Internet of Things, economic development and the launch of smart cities are all driving growth in the telecoms market in the Middle East, making it an exciting time to work in the industry.

And now with 5G looking to increase the market value of nearly $2,693.4 billion, it’s easy to see why 75% of the telecoms industry – and its employers – are feeling optimistic about the future.

We recently sat down with Nick Di Marzo – former RPI candidate – to hear about his journey with RPI and his experience as a CEO with start-up company, SaleCo, in Saudi Arabia.


When did you first come in to contact with RPI, Nick?

I’m originally from Australia and started my career in the telecoms industry in Australia and then shifted to Asia. After seven years of working for Cable & Wireless and BT in Asia, I moved to the Middle East where I was approached by RPI to join a start-up called SaleCo in Saudi Arabia.


How did your career progress after that initial meeting?

I started as CEO of SaleCo Saudi Arabia and over a period of five years, I became the CEO of the SaleCo Group, which gained substantial growth and profitability, including expansion into Bahrain and Oman.


Was the recruitment process with RPI a good experience?

The great thing about RPI is that they placed me in the right role at the right time in the right industry. The job in Saudi Arabia was the perfect launch pad for me to gain the experience of leading a medium-sized start up and transform it into a larger, more diverse and successful enterprise.


How would you rate RPI in placing you with the right company that matched your skill set?

In terms of Saudi Arabia, very good. The Saudi operation and team at SaleCo were very entrepreneurial. The chairman who convinced me to join, was very receptive and progressive. He looked after the shareholder dynamics and I was focused on driving operational performance and growth.


Over the last 20 years, RPI have been working with the telecoms industry to identify the right blend of skillset, experience and attitude for each role, presenting the right people for your executive positions. To find out more, contact our COO Rory Ferguson on rjf@rpint.com.