RPI CEO Stuart Wilson, defies the odds and completes gruelling Marathon des Sables

Undisputedly dubbed as the toughest foot-race on earth, our CEO Stuart Wilson has successfully completed the infamous Marathon des Sables.

Taking place across one of the most inhospitable environments in the Saharan desert, with soaring temperatures of 40°C, the 156-mile race is the equivalent of 6 back to back marathons.

Knowing he would be pushed to his limits, Stuart spent eight long months in intensive training, just so that he would be mentally and physically ready for the challenge.

Completing the race was a monumental achievement for Stuart who raised over 20K GBP for Scope, a national charity that campaigns to challenge and change negative attitudes about disability and the Salisbury Hospice, who supported his late father in law Mike Willis.

Reflecting on his experience of running the marathon race, Stuart says he formed a tight bond with his fellow competitors, who all travelled from across the world to participate.

“Due to the extreme demands of the race, everyone had made significant sacrifices to train and were committed to achieving their goal of finishing, but this would never be at the cost of others”, says Stuart.

“No one was ever left behind and I for one probably wouldn’t have made it through the ‘long’ day without the encouragement, friendship and sheer ‘never say die’ attitude of those I ran with whose names I had never previously known but who would just not contemplate failure as an option.”

Having returned home after his triumphant win, Stuart says he is doing his best to return to the ‘real’ world with support from his family.

‘‘I would like to say a huge thank you to my family and especially my partner, Nicola who has supported me without question over this protracted period. I understand how tough it has been dealing with an obsessed and selfish individual whose single focus for most of the last year has been a certifiable madcap desert race. Please believe me when I say NEVER AGAIN!”


For more details about Stuarts’ fundraising challenge click here: https://bit.ly/2Etltwi