RPI Candidate Journey: “We need to bridge the gap between generations”

During his journey with RPI, Marcel Nault – a management consultant for MRN & Associates – has worked with the team as both a candidate and a client.  With over 20 years of corporate and consulting experience, Marcel specialises in HR and internal communication at C-suite level, and for the past 15 years has been using RPI to support him in sourcing candidates on a global scale.

We sat down with Marcel, who spoke to us about his experience with RPI, and the importance of executive search in bridging the generational gap within today’s workforce. 


Since becoming a client, what have been the benefits of using RPI services?

The great thing about RPI is that they have in-depth knowledge of the Telecom’s industry.  They know the main players in the sector, they don’t mess you about, they get straight to the point, but at the same time they are great to work with.


How have they made a difference to your recruitment process?

RPI have a strong awareness of what the client really needs. They are not overly pushy in terms of flooding you with CVs and are respectful of the people’s time that they work with, which is very important.

Time is of the essence when it comes to the delivery of services. People who work, let’s say, in a busy start-up, don’t have the time to spend three hours discussing recruiting new staff. So it’s great when businesses like RPI can come in and offer their services, because they can quickly grasp the needs of their clients.

What’s most unique about RPI is that can generate a detailed brief rather than the client needing to give a very detailed one describing exactly what they’re looking for. If I come to them and say, “I’m looking for a chief marketing officer”, I wouldn’t have to describe the job as they would know what kind of person is best suited to the role. They know the market, the salaries offered for certain roles, and are great at meeting the needs of their clients and the expectations of their candidates.


The Telecommunications sector is constantly evolving. What are the biggest challenges you’re facing?

Since I started working in the telecoms industry in the late 90s, I have seen it change dramatically.

The new generation coming into the sector have grown up with the industry, so they have a very different skill set from a technical point of view.

What I see happening is that the challenge will be to blend this new skillset of the up and coming workforce with the existing workforce.

The challenge with this is that there aren’t enough people at managerial level who know how to do this effectively.


How do you see businesses using executive search to meet these challenges?

Moving forward I see organisations like RPI intentional providing a service that can help bridge the gap between older, more experienced teams and the new workforce coming in with the talent needed to drive businesses forward.

Increasingly, businesses will need the expertise of organisations like RPI who can identify the people that can create that transition and promote harmony between the two generations.

I believe this will be critical to business success.

Over the last 20 years RPI has built a leadership network based on trust, expertise and a genuinely consultative approach to executive search. Identifying the blend of skillset, experience and attitude is integral to us presenting the right people for your executive positions. To find out more, contact our COO Rory Ferguson on rjf@rpint.com.