Project Transformation Solutions

A flexible approach to global interim talent


What is Project Transformation Solutions?

It’s a unique service that enables organisations to have access to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Project Transformation Solutions offers our customers a fast and agile approach to project related staffing requirements. In an ever-changing digital world it enables our clients to transform their businesses.

Through Project Transformation Solutions, we give your business access to global talent, on demand: whether you need specialists for a short-term development project, or an experienced interim team on the ground to deliver your product to a new region.


So how does it work?

Through Project Transformation Solutions:

  • We employ the people you need through our licence
  • We pay their salaries through our payroll system
  • We arrange and sponsor their visas
  • We take care of travel arrangements
  • You gain access to the talent you need to facilitate your project

It’s a flexible approach to talent resourcing that allows you to face disruption head-on: enabling you to explore new regions, embrace new technologies and offer in-demand services, without the long-term HR commitment (and administrative headache) that comes with hiring in-house.

Our uniquely international perspective allows our clients to tap in to global talent flows, sourcing the skills you need without geographical restrictions.


More than a tick-box solution

At RP International, we know that finding the right candidate takes more than matching the right skills to a job description. Ensuring that every hire is a strong cultural fit is vital to successful project outcomes, especially for interim and project contracts, where making a big impact in a short time frame is crucial.

For over 20 years, we have worked with our clients to deploy resources that support the entire project lifecycle, from scope and vendor selection through to delivery, launch, training and hand-over. We often work with operators, vendors and system integrators together, ensuring that every part of the project is cohesive.


Project Example: Fulfilling Digital Transformation in APAC

A leading communications group in the APAC region needed to facilitate a digital transformation project.

We used our international talent and leadership network to provide:

  • Project Director
  • Project Managers
  • PMO Manager
  • PMO Consultant
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Transformation consultants
  • Change Management consultants

The result: a digital transformation project that worked seamlessly with existing teams and operations, delivered effectively and on schedule.

In today’s climate of unending change and transformation, flexibility is the one thing that every organisation needs, not only to survive but to thrive. With disruption hitting every sector, Project Transformation Solutions affords you the agility to not only overcome the challenges but grasp the opportunities it brings.

To find out more, contact Dom da Costa MSCi, our Head of Apac Project Solutions & Professional Services, on +6565725792 or at