5 reasons contractors are the key to a CIO having a successful digital transformation

Rapid technological advances are a sign of our time. They have provide us many digital platforms to be excited about but also can create havoc within IT departments to deliver IT and business transformation projects as quickly as possible in order to stay relevant.

The role of the CIO in driving digital transformation within your business is ensuring a consistent mind-set of innovation within your business going forward. You will need to guide your company and its people through some major changes, ensure your existing infrastructure is future-proofed, and put technology practices into place seamlessly, whilst complementing the day-to-day business as usual. All of this means you will become more and more reliant on the current skills and adaptability of the team around you, and your future talent pipeline.

To assess the technology and infrastructure currently in place – it is imperative to also assess the talent and skills of the existing teams. This is a huge undertaking in itself and will likely highlight gaps and areas in which you need to bring in extra resources. And this is where contractors can help – here’s why:

1. Contractors fill in the skills gap

The fastest-growing skills gaps in labour markets around the world are in digital and tech. Contractors can help you fill this gap, not just with their skills, but with the experience they bring working on multiple digital transformation projects. Not only is this of huge benefit to your projects, but also to your existing IT teams. Contractors will have a high level of business acumen due to their wide-ranging experience, and will help your existing team become more commercially-minded – a key skill which our IT workforces of the future will need.

2. Contractors can help upskill your existing teams

Hiring contractors can quickly enable and facilitate the upskilling of your current IT workforce by working side-by-side and in a collaborative way with highly skilled contractors on a daily basis, your existing teams will constantly be exposed to new skills and perspectives that can help reenergize the permanent team.

3. Contractors give you flexibility

Contractors are the ideal flexible resource to help you deliver these projects on time and in budget. They can quickly, and often at short notice, be brought into your organisation to perform specific and highly skilled tasks. They will hit the ground running and offer the agility needed to adapt to immediate pressures and demands without adding to your permanent headcount. They’re quickly engaged and can be just as quickly released – which is an advantage from an employer perspective when flexibility is key and change can happen quickly.

4. Contractors can help you manage resistance to change

Although faster, more efficient and easier to navigate transformation are exciting, it can also bring upon a resistance to change which can slow progress down and increase cost and workload. Contractors can help CIOs address this resistance at a grass roots level as they work with the people affected by and working towards a digital transformation.

5. Contractors can help you drive forward your digital agenda

Contractor’s simply have to be ahead of the trends and are familiar with upcoming technologies – and they will bring that experience to your organisation. Hiring contractors can also be the perfect remedy to the ‘Groupthink’ mentality that affects many companies with low employee turnover, as they introduce a continuous stream of fresh ideas into your organisation.

As mentioned there are many reasons why supplementing your workforce with contractors could help you digitally transform your business. Contractors can help boost productivity, innovation, employee satisfaction and, ultimately, your bottom line.