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Data Management & Analytics

Big data is presenting significant challenges for organisations that are now dealing with datasets so large and complex that traditional analysis tools and methods can no longer produce the required insights in a short enough timeframe. RPI's heritage lies in supporting the Telecoms industry, where big data collection and analysis has been common place to support commercial and capital decisions for a number of years.

We have seen the evolution of the Business Intelligence and Enteprise Data Warehouse functions which have grown in importance, influencing everything from capital spend decisions through to maximising the value derived from a customer lifecycle. With data streams expanding exponentially in size and complexity every year, companies in other industries now have the opportunity to harness complex datasets to support the growth of the businesses. 

RPI works with end-user enterprises, vendors, integrators and consultancies to support the growth and exploration of the Big Data and Analytics domain. We partner organisations to provide expertise to solve technical issues related to data storage and real-time processing to support the efforts of data scientists, and to provide expertise on information, privacy and how to embrace big data without it disrupting everyday business practice. RPI have a global network of quantitative business professionals, marketing research, marketing science, analytics and data science, from growing start-ups to global corporate giants.

Large-scale data analysis is becoming commonplace and the need for data scientists is growing accordingly. Businesses need people who can handle the increasingly large amounts of information available to make more strategic decisions. 

Marketing Research/Insights

RPI's background in the Telecoms sector has developed a wealth of talent in areas like Consumer Insights, Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Value Management (CVM) and Business Intelligence and Analysis. These profiles are often masters of customer insights who have demonstrated an ability to assess what people think, what they want and what motivates them. Using primary and secondary research, these professionals are an invaluable resource in today’s customer-centric world.


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