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Rebecca Stormer


Before even arriving at the office on Garlick Hill I felt completely at ease thanks to Stuart’s friendly emails and welcoming approach. This kind and helpful atmosphere continued throughout my 5 weeks here at RPI and made the experience such an enjoyable one. Every employee has made a conscious effort to not only pass on their knowledge of recruitment to the interns, but also create an atmosphere in which we feel settled and comfortable. There is never a fear to ask questions at RPI, however simple you feel the answer may be, and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand if you are ever struggling.

I was lucky enough to be sat at the Marketing table with Jess and Steph. Not only was this great exposure to the marketing side of RPI, but Jess and Steph were brilliant in helping me get the most out of my time at RPI. They were willing to give me real responsibilities, such as editing the new website, but I was also able to take on research projects and get an insight into the industries in which RPI operate. Thus, in addition to learning how the recruitment process works, I have also come to understand more about interesting and evolving industries, such as Telecoms and new areas such as Big Data and Cyber Security. This aspect alone is a brilliant incentive to undertake an internship with a recruitment firm, in particular RPI, because you learn about the recruitment process but also gather knowledge regarding other exciting industries.

The variety of work meant every day was different and I was constantly taking on new and exciting work that allowed me to really understand RPI as a company. Sitting in on meetings with potential clients, observing strategy presentations, researching start-up companies and controlling the RPI twitter page are just a few of the valuable and informative experiences I had at RPI. Creating a document on the Connected Car that was subsequently used during a meeting with Jaguar Land Rover demonstrates the level of trust that RPI is willing to invest in their interns.  

RPI has provided me with an insight into what companies look for in an employee and what stands out in a CV. This is invaluable knowledge that will greatly help any career path I choose to embark on and I am now able to go into any future work with recruitment firms with an idea of what to expect. I was also given the opportunity to sit in on an interview, providing me with the rare experience of being on the opposite side of these situations that I will regularly find myself in.  

The focus on your own personal development during your time at RPI has, for me, been one the greatest aspect of the internship programme. The psychometric testing followed by the feedback chat with a Behavioural Psychologist was incredibly useful and gave me a good idea of the working environment I will fit best into. As my applications for a year abroad work placement are looming, this testing has shed light on the industries I will excel most in and I can’t thank RPI enough for offering this in the Internship Programme. Jess Mayman (Group Marketing Manager) and James Gage (Learning and Development Manager) were also brilliant at helping me develop any skills that I felt needed improvement. We were often asked to present our research to the floor which was a great way to improve my public-speaking skills in a professional environment, a skill that I was keen to work on.     

Finally, RPI offers a fun yet hard working environment that creates an energetic and dynamic office atmosphere. The regular 5:30pm wiff-waff (ping pong) games were a perfect way to end the day and for any prospective interns, beware – the standard is extremely high! Deal tunes at 5pm and after work drinks added to the social and enjoyable atmosphere RPI have done so well to create.

Thank you to everyone at RPI for making this such a worthwhile experience and to Stuart for giving me this brilliant opportunity. I will really miss it!


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