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Olivia Stock


My time at RPI was something of a happy accident having previously failed to consider recruitment as a potential avenue. Stumbling across the opportunity in a school newsletter I was taken by the firm's unique coupling of a global outlook with a boutique size. Hoping these attributes would suit me I applied and was delighted to be invited by RPI CEO Stuart Wilson to join for five weeks over the summer.

Prior to this I knew little of recruitment or RPI's technological area of expertise. I would have certainly struggled to articulate the meaning of Big Data or Disruptive Technology, although these concepts dominated much of my work.

My time at RPI was a steep, challenging and immensely rewarding learning curve.

I worked primarily with the contract sales team, compiling research and helping to source individuals to fill positions within innovative and emerging data-related areas.

I learnt to work with new software and efficiently scour candidate databases. I learnt a great deal about technology, data and the chalkgrowing importance of this in all areas of business.

I strongly believe the invaluable skills and knowledge I gathered largely come from the firm’s corporate culture.  From the outset I was fully integrated as a team member. The team supported me as I learnt but also trusted me to work independently as I gained greater confidence. Being able to work alongside and learn from experienced recruiters at the top of their game was a real privilege.

I will always recall some of the more challenging projects, my first candidate phone call and the opportunities to sit in on client meetings. But it is the atmosphere on the floor that will remain my abiding memory. As a team RPI is genuinely cohesive, carefully cultivating a balance between a healthy competitiveness and a warmth and friendliness more any other corporate workplace I have experienced.

In short I am for the opportunity offered to me my RPI, and felt a real sadness at the end of my five weeks. I look forward to watching this brilliant company expand and flourish.


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