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Athena Tam


My internship at RP International was an array of new and exciting experiences. After my interview in April, I was offered a 10 week internship at RPI’s London Headquarters and Hong Kong Office. 

RPI is a global executive search firm, which specializes in the Telecommunications sector. Even though I was admittedly a little nervous to work in an industry that I was unfamiliar with, RPI’s welcoming ambience enabled me to seamlessly immerse myself into the world of recruitment. As a soon to-be fresh graduate, I was eager to learn more about the reality of the job market and the recruitment process. 

In the London office, I received a comprehensive introduction to the business and industry through mapping and research. I was placed in the UK financial services team, as I had expressed a particular interest in the industry during my interview. My colleagues’ willingness to teach helped to enhance my understanding of the commercial world within a friendly atmosphere. RPI’s company culture also inspired a healthy and balanced work ethic. From table tennis tournaments to ‘Wig Wednesday’, my days were varied and rarely dull.

As three weeks flew by, I embarked onto my next journey with RPI in Hong Kong. From the onset, the office’s dynamic and supportive environment was infectious. Here, I was able to experience the diverse day-to-day life of a recruiter first hand. I faced challenges such as cold-calling and interviewing candidates, which I quickly grew accustomed to with the support of my mentor and colleagues. As a native Cantonese speaker, I was also able to practice my language skills within a professional setting by helping to organize office events and communicate with our local staff. And so, with a panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour as our office backdrop, I was able to get a real taster of globalization and its impact on the international market. Throughout my internship, I was encouraged to apply my academic skills and improve my soft skills – such as time management and communication abilities. 

RPI provided me with a chance to utilize my skills in the real world, where I could to test out its practicality and felt that my input was valued. One of the most rewarding moments of my internship was when I found out that one of my candidates was offered an interview, as it was a project that I had been involved in from the very beginning. I am grateful to RP International for this educational and eye-opening journey and I would highly recommend RPI’s Internship Programme. It is an excellent opportunity for one to explore the world of work and to take away valuable lessons for the future.


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