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Alexis Cheung


My internship experience with RP International is certainly something refreshing to look back on. After a casual interview in June I was breezed into the HK office the next week and started my 8 weeks internship with RPI.

8 weeks into the heart of the executive recruitment business has helped me grow tremendously as a soon-to-be fresh graduate testing the waters in the job market. I was a bit nervous at first working in an environment and an industry that I am completely unfamiliar with; I stumbled and made a few mistakes before I found my pace in the office; but with the welcoming atmosphere of RPI I was quick to get back on my feet and dived head first into the headhunting business.

Situated at quarry bay with a breath-taking view of Victoria harbour, the Hong Kong office is one of the most dynamic and international places to work.

Not being a native English speaker, I had abundant opportunities to practice on my communication skills both professionally and casually with my colleagues. Throughout the internship, I was able to fine tune my strengths and improve my weakness in communication to grow into a confident bilingual speaker.

Despite being just an intern in the business, I was encouraged to take part in the core part of business and gain valuable insights a opportunity that I probably couldn’t get somewhere else. In such a short amount of time as a researcher intern I received a thorough introduction to the telecommunication industry job market. I started a research project on data scientist, went to a start-up talk, identifying, calling, meeting and interviewing candidates – and even helped place a software engineer. A definite highlight in this 8-week whirlwind.
I am very grateful for my mentor and colleagues – the kindest and funniest bunch who never shy from giving me guidance and support whenever needed.  A special shout out to my wonderful mentor Jo who couldn’t have been more helpful in guiding me through every day work.

RPI is one of the best places a student can work, to be immersed in the fast-paced recruitment business and to see the effect of your input into the business. A real eye opener and invaluable experience to take home, which would be sure to aid one in future endeavours. 


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