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Josie Hargreaves

Group Head of Learning and Development

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Josie looks after the Learning & Development Function across all of RPI’s global offices. Josie has been training and developing consultants for 3 years and she has helped develop more than 100 people in recruitment.

Using a creative combination of classroom learning, interactive assignments, role plays, call coaching and performance coaching, Josie understands that each individual is different and is able to adapt her approach to get the best out of our consultants. Running the RPI Academy 4 times a year, there is natural a focus on on-boarding new hires. Josie also works with RPI’s senior consultants, Team Leaders and Managers.

Training overseas is done with a combination of classroom learning, call-coaching and performance coaching done remotely and in person. Liaising with the senior management team, Josie ensures that she is reacting to the business needs and ensuring we maintain a high performance culture across the RPI offices, globally. 


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