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AsiaInfo are vendors of Veris, a cloud-based convergent BSS stack incorporating CRM, Billing and ERP.

Never before deployed in Europe, this was a fresh product to the market and Telenor therefore required significant customisation and specialist resources to strip out all legacy systems as well as installation of Veris. RPI were perfectly positioned to support this and the R&D element of the project, providing Project Managers, Architects and Business Analysts from within their network.

Telenor retained RPI on an exclusive basis. An in-depth understanding of the project and the market, alongside solid relationships with the Telenor and AsiaInfo, ensured accuracy and speed of delivery, achieving impressive time to fill rates on technical and specialist roles.

Having worked with Telenor providing resources for their Optimus Prime Transformation project in early 2014, RPI were introduced to AsiaInfo in Feb 2014 and made more than 16 contractor placements. The relationship developed and in October 2014 AsiaInfo decided to create a Nearshore Development Centre in Budapest, Hungary. In November AsiaInfo appointed a Director of the centre with a requirement of 180 staff over the coming year, a significant proportion of which would be Chinese.

RPI prepared a Statement of Works (SOW) in close consultation with AsiaInfo, proposing their Campaign Recruitment Solution, with RPI working in partnership with AsiaInfo as their main provider. The SOW was proposed and accepted. Further consultation stablished a requirement of both local and regional resource to populate the centre.

The specialist solution provided by RPI worked in parallel with AsiaInfo’s internal recruiters as well as their local recruitment partners, in order to support and enhance their existing solution.

Campaign Recruitment Days took place in February 2015. Working on-site with the client, 14 interviews resulted in seven offers and four placements. Additional Campaign Days in March with a further 11 interviews led to nine second interviews and three placements. RPI representatives were present at all interviews, fully managing the process. This led to the development of an online secure client portal for the campaign, accessed via RPI’s website.

The need for additional interim resource and contractors as the project progresses has led to the possibility of an RPI Extended Bench facility, to manage fluctuating levels of staff requirements throughout the campaign.

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