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Taiwan Mobile to seek business opportunities in India, Indonesia

22/06/2016 by Paul Clayson


Taiwan Mobile is seriously considering investing in the telecoms markets of India and Indonesia, with company chairman Richard Tsai believing that the two markets offer good potential for growth.

Tsai announced the new strategy at the operator's annual general meeting, alongside further expansion plans across Southeast Asia.

Tsai acknowledged that India already has many telecom services, which has resulted in intense competition and a price war, but he feels that given the country's huge population, there are plentiful business opportunities – within data transmission in particular – to be sought.

He mooted the idea of teaming up with local telecom operators in India in order to claim a slice of the 4G market, at a time when people are migrating to 4G technology in their numbers.

However, any plans to invest in India are yet to be finalized, Tsai stressed.

The operator has also been eyeing an entry into the e-commerce sector in Southeast Asia, with subsidiary preparing to explore the markets of the Philippines and Vietnam, Tsai confirmed.

The next step is for to find a business partner in the Philippines, with an agreement on a strategic partnership expected to be reached by the end of this year, Tsai told stakeholders.

In its home country, meanwhile, Taiwan Mobile is determined to develop its third-party payment business, with Tsai outlining plans to start an over-the-top (OTT) content business by signing up for good drama series and movies from across the Taiwan Strait.

He wrapped up by revealing the company has set itself the target of boosting the number of its 4G subscribers to five million next year, up from three million at the end of last year, by encouraging existing 2G and 3G subscribers to migrate to 4G.



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