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IoT will 'create not eliminate jobs'

24/06/2016 by Pascal CALOC


The Internet of Things (IoT) will not, like some believe, eliminate jobs, according to the CEO of an IoT business.

Writing in a blog in TechCrunch, Zach Supalla, who heads up Particle, a prototype-to-production platform for developing an IoT product, makes the point that since the dawn of technology, people have been afraid of technology eliminating jobs - but they needn't be worried.

Supalla highlighted US retailer Target, which was recently advertising for someone to lead its IoT operations, which demonstrates how IoT will do exactly what technology does everywhere – "it supplants low-skill jobs with high-skill jobs."

He acknowledged that the IoT will indeed lead to widespread replacement of simple and repetitive jobs in areas such as manufacturing, administration, quality control and planning.

However, IoT will also lead to the creation of new that jobs that will help firms "champion and pioneer not only their personal success with IoT, but the success of the business as well," Supalla stressed.

He goes on to state the new IoT-inspired jobs, alongside some advice on how candidates can rework their resume to be prepared for them.

The first new position is a Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTo), who will be responsible for developing the company's IoT strategy, tying the adoption of new technology to clear business results. Effective communication will be vital for the position, writes Supalla.

There will also be a calling for IoT Business Designers – a creative thought leader who will search for business opportunities that can be addressed through IoT. Candidates will have to show "a clear vision of how [the] company will look in 10 years' time."

Meanwhile, with IoT products being packed with unique, custom-built hardware, the "full stack is fuller", giving rise to a Fuller Stack Developer position, for those that are comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies.

Supalla concludes that "IoT will take the mundane activities out of our work lives and offer new, unique opportunities to evolve and expand our skill sets."



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