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Firms having to adapt to speed up digital transformation

21/06/2016 by Julian Frankum


Businesses are having to rethink how they resource their IT professionals in order to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them by digital transformation, according to a new report.

The study by IT transformation specialists CloudTalent suggests that firms are underestimating the enormity of digital transformation projects – but quickly realise the size of the undertaking once they get started.

"Our findings show just how much stress IT leaders and their teams are under to deliver practical change. Many are painfully aware that they are not as effective as they could be at delivering the necessary transformation, due in part to the gaps in execution capabilities that exist in their business," commented Adrian Overall, CEO at CloudTalent.

He added that teams have to move from "running to sprinting" in order to keep up with projects, meaning firms have had to reconsider how they resource their IT: on-shoring and in-sourcing their IT projects, as well as hiring contractors or bringing in external organisations to address skills shortages associated with digital transformation and Cloud migration.

Two thirds of the IT decision makers quizzed by CloudTalent said they needed to hire specialist IT consultants, while 94% said they'd already used their services before.

Half of the respondents are planning to increase their dependence on external specialists as they look to diffuse the mounting pressure and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Just 40% of the IT leaders said they were making good progress with digital transformation and only a third (34%) say they are coming to the end of the process.

Overall has some advice for businesses struggling through digital transformation. He said: "Organisations need to find a multi-geared approach that works for them – the right combination of organisational, technical and financial solutions that make the most sense for their business situation, providing the right long term IT solution for their organisation."



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