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Singtel seeks to become go-to for firms lacking cybersecurity readiness

27/04/2016 by Jeremy Hopwood


C-suite executives have been invited to attend Singtel's newly opened cybersecurity facility for training in cyber threat awareness, risk management and crisis communications readiness.

The Cyber Security Institute (CSI), which opened its doors this week, provides skills development and education programmes customised to fit the needs of its enterprise clients, Singtel said in a statement.

It's not only c-suite management who will be catered for, with cybersecurity professionals also put through their paces in the form of mock internet war games, giving them a chance to hone their defensive skills.

The facility was created off the back of Singtel finding that more than 85% of Singaporean companies do not have cyber-response plans, revealed Bill Chang, the telco's chief executive officer for group enterprise.

Meanwhile, those who had shown some degree of readiness only had sketchy plans to show for their efforts, according to Chang.

He stressed why it is so important that businesses do everything in their power to protect themselves from hackers, with loss of reputation, legal suits and a drop in share price if they fail to put up a sufficient barrier.

"Cybersecurity is no longer just a technical issue to be tackled only at the operational level. It needs to involve all levels within an organisation including boards and c-suite management, and even external stakeholders such as regulators," he said.

The CSI provides a holistic training programme for firms, with enterprises teamed up with Singtel's industry partners once training is complete to help them scope out their cybersecurity strategies and draw up crisis management plans.


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