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A three-step guide to digital transformation

18/04/2016 by Pascal CALOC


"Digital transformation is a process, not a project," stresses John Zimmerer, director of marketing at Topdown. With that, he has come up with a three-step path to a successful digital transformation.

Writing for CMS Wire, Zimmerer acknowledges that his advice is not easy to actualize, but he follows that up by noting that research proves that digital transformation is worth the effort, "just take it one step at a time."

The first step, according to Zimmerer, is to map the customer journey. More specifically, firms should analyse the "interaction intersection" – where a customer-facing touchpoint meets the underlying technologies that provide data, content and context to the customer.

By mapping the back-end – all of your systems of record and insight – you will uncover gaps, which usually occur when different systems across the business are required to share data or content with one another.

The second step revolves around prioritization, i.e. which customer interaction to improve, based on its value to the business and the benefit of the interaction to the customer.

While ascertaining the revenue and cost of a customer interaction should be fairly formulaic, ranking the benefit of each customer interaction depends on how well you understand what your customer is trying to achieve through each interaction.

Ranking each interaction will show you where you should be investing your time and resources, and help you carve out short-term wins and longer-term projects.

The third step is to think and act holistically, i.e. ensuring customer experience is federated across the organization so that it's possible to truly focus on and coordinate the underlying capabilities and achieve a fully-integrated customer experience platform, plugging any gaps for good.

As Zimmerer puts it: "If you want your transformation to succeed, take a measured approach. Look for quick wins and make incremental changes."


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