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UAE telcos do battle over 4k content

2/02/2016 by Andrew Shafer


Du and Etisalat are in competition to become the first telecoms firm in the UAE to provide 4K content to customers, Emirates 24/7 reports.

Late last year, Etisalat announced that it had partnered with Huawei to introduce the first Ultra HD 4K IPTV service in the Middle East and Africa, MEA, and is set for launch in the first quarter of 2016.

Du has responding by saying that it as already tied up with a number of studios and facilities are in for content upgrades – with launch of its 4K content expected at the end March.

Although he wouldn't commit to an exact date, Samer Geissah, Vice-President, Consumer, New business and Innovation, du, said: "Very soon we plan to introduce 4K streaming to our subscribers."

Detailing the initial batch of content, he said: "We have already obtained rights from certain studios for delivering their 4K content. To start with we will be offering a bunch of TV series and movies in 4K."

The news will be music to the ears of those subscribers who have already purchased a 4K television. Until now, the lack of native UHD content for these new home entertainment systems has hampered their effectiveness and limited them to upscaled display of conventional Full HD content for the most part.

The moves by du and Etisalat come at at a time when streaming services such as ICFlix, Starz and Netflix gain increasing prominence in the region.

Netflix, which made itself legally available in the UAE a few weeks ago, is already offering some titles in Ultra HD or 4K, with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, about four times more than full HD.


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