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Ooredoo aims to put its $1bn ultra-fast Internet networks to good use

16/02/2016 by Andrew Shafer


Ooredoo has revealed it has now invested over $1 billion in creating fibre network and fixed and mobile connectivity across Qatar, declaring: "now it is time for us to provide the content for these fast and latest services".

The huge investment has helped create the Ooredoo fibre-to-home programme, which was rolled-out in 2013, the ultra-fast Internet speed via the Ooredoo Supernet, and the high-speed 4G+ network.

However, now its attention has turned to bringing the "latest and the best services" to its customers through its Supernet network, said Waleed Al-Sayed, chief executive officer, Ooredoo Qatar.

With that he announced the launch of Ooredoo TV, which has replaced Mozaic TV.

Al-Sayed suggested that Ooredoo TV will allow the company to achieve significant growth in 2016, although he acknowledged that it's "still very early" to gauge how successful the new TV entertainment service will prove to be.

However, based on the growth rate of Mozaic TV subscribers in 2015, he is bullish about the new service's chances. He said: "More than 50% of our fibre network customers are already equipped with 'triple play', which means that Mozaic (now Ooredoo TV) is part of the services they receive."

Meanwhile, with annual growth in the telecommunications industry usually between 9% and 11% - according to Al-Sayed – there is further reason to be optimistic. Asked about Ooredoo's growth in Qatar, he said the country is a "unique market," and is "steadily growing."

"We are making sure that we capture most of this growth despite competition in the market," he stressed.

When asked about the threat posed by "free-to-air" and online services such as Netflix and Apple TV to Ooredoo TV, Al-Sayed said he was "not worried", pointing out that the titles it is able to offer are "newer than those offered by Netflix and even Apple TV".

He wrapped up by saying: "The horizon is now open to everybody...the best way to address competition is to provide a special and unique proposition that distinguishes your product to make it more relevant to customers."


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