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Digital tech employees' salaries 36% higher than UK average

15/02/2016 by Stuart Wilson


The importance of digital workers has been illustrated in a new report which shows that employees in the UK's digital technology sector earn better salaries than in the rest of the economy, the Guardian reports.

The government-backed report, Tech Nation 2016, revealed how the the average advertised salary in digital roles is 36% higher than the national average, coming in at just under £50,000. Between 2012 and 2015, the advertised pay for digital jobs grew by 13%.

Meanwhile, digital technology industries, which have a combined annual turnover of £161 billion, are growing 32% faster than the average for businesses in other sectors, according to the analysis.

Geoff Mulgan, the chief executive of Nesta, which supports innovation and is a backer of the report alongside Tech City UK, said the research confirms that digital workers are becoming more important within every type of industry, due to digital technologies being "unlike any others – they change everything businesses do".

He added: "And it's why the premium is so high, at an average of over £15,000 for digital over non-digital jobs. I hope that parents and teenagers will get the message – that acquiring digital skills pays off, wherever you are."

However, the UK economy will only feel the full benefits of digital technologies if the government works to tackle congestion and a shortage of affordable homes in areas that house a large number of digital companies, according to thinktank Centre for Cities.

Centre for Cities' chief executive, Alexandra Jones, said that investment is required in many of the places which are home to large numbers of digital jobs, to allow them to "continue to attract talent, jobs and firms in the digital sector and other innovative industries in the years to come".


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