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APAC telecoms industry slow in digital transformation

18/02/2016 by Jeremy Hopwood


Asia-Pacific operators are concerned that the pace at which they are transforming into an entirely digital organization will see the industry fall behind other sectors in this regard.

More than three-quarters (76%) of the C-level and other service provider decision-makers questioned by IDC believe the communications industry is taking longer to transform than other similar sectors.

In fact, nearly half (47%) of the respondents in the Amdocs-commissioned survey predict that it will take their business more than five years to complete a digital transformation.

However, the findings suggest that operators are not doing all they can to reduce the time to takes to transform. A third (33%) of operators are still yet to put a digital strategy in place, while a similar percentage (29%) still haven't hired a chief digital officer (CDO) to get things moving – despite 90% of respondents in the region saying a CDO is important to lead and drive a digital strategy.

Also, the majority (85%) of the operators in the region executing digital transformation projects are still conducting them as stand-alone initiatives without alignment to a broader technology roadmap or business strategy.

When asked what single factor would most help with digital transformation, the most common answer was having the right skills to create and implement digital transformation strategies. Next on the list was the use of customer experience as a design principle.

IDC research director for telecom and networking EMEA, Andy Hicks, stressed that in order to cut the lead time of digital transformation, businesses must have a unifying top-level vision and strategy.

He added: "They may be able to keep up with other service providers, but they don't think they can keep up in the broader digital world unless they address gaps in digital strategy, skills and leadership. Our research suggests they will source professional services to bridge some of these gaps."


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