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Vodafone to provide Scottish Power with a 'smart grid'-ready database

13/01/2016 by Stuart Wilson


Vodafone has won a £75-million contract with Scottish Power to add a hi-tech database to the energy company's vast distribution networks, allowing it to monitor energy supplied to 3.5 million British homes and businesses, the Telegraph reports.

The four-year agreement will see the telecoms giant deliver a database that will enable Scottish Power to immediately detect broken power lines, as well as monitor people's energy supply.

Scottish Power's supply business, SP Energy Networks, which operates more than 100,000km of overhead and underground power cables, will benefit by being able to pinpoint faults and rectify them without too much disruption for its customers.

It will also see the cables become "smart grid"-ready, meaning Scottish Power is in a place to comply with proposed reforms to make energy companies transparent with customers about where they can buy electricity at the cheapest rates.

Energy firms have already taken some steps to realise the UK government's vision of giving consumers more control over their energy consumption by rolling out "smart meters" at a net cost of £11 billion.

The government has also discussed the idea of "time-of-use" tariffs – where the price of energy runs parallel with demand – once every household has a "smart" gas and electricity meter.

Vodafone's head of enterprise, Jan Geldmacher, suggested that such a notion will only be possible with the help of the telecoms industry.

"A world-class distribution network relies on world-class digital communications to function effectively," he said.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with Scottish Power in support of the company's plans to meet the long-term needs of its customers."


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