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UK mobile operators sense opportunity with improved internet reliability

1/01/2016 by


Mobile operators risk customer churn if they fail to provide reliable bandwidth, according to a new report in the UK.

The research from Vasona Networks reveals that customers don't think twice about pointing the finger of blame at their operator when apps don't work.

The findings act as a warning to mobile operators to ensure they are providing a seamless experience for their customers, otherwise they face customers switching providers.

With two thirds of the survey respondents saying they expect their internet usage to be without temporary hiccups or outages, it indicates there is little margin for error.

In fact, 40% of the 1,035 smartphone users questioned said that if they were having to endure a poor mobile broadband performance, they would look elsewhere for a better experience.

However, operators appear to be keeping on the right side of customers currently, with one third of the respondents saying their experience had improved in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, 37% said they would recommend their provider to a friend.

However, with 42% of respondents believing that all providers are much the same for data use, it presents operators with an opportunity to put their head above the parapet.

"Reliable bandwidth is the currency that operators trade in today, and delivering anything less than consistently great experiences introduces competitive threats and risk of customer churn, as shown by our survey data," said John Reister, Vasona Networks VP of marketing and product management.

"Improving mobile broadband reliability and performance are great opportunities, but operators that don't get out in front of the pack will become vulnerable." 


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