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Emerging players in China's smartphone market could seek global expansion

27/01/2016 by


The success of Xiaomi and Huawei in the international smartphone market acts as encouragement for other Chinese smartphone manufacturers to branch out into foreign markets, according to a new report by RP International.

The report, entitled 'Breakout Chinese Electronics & Smartphone Young Stars', takes a brief look at three breakout stars in China's smartphone market – Smartisan, Meizu and OnePlus – alongside the challenges they face in terms of global expansion.

Currently, there are approximately 300 smartphone developers in the Chinese market, with the healthy competition, in part, a product of loose regulations on innovation and patent rights in China.

While new iPhone and Android devices released last year is expected to show a drop in growth rate for smartphone shipments from China, 2015 still proved to be a "year of harvest" for emerging smartphone developers.

In the early part of the year, Alibaba Group announced an investment of US$590 million in Meizu, allowing the manufacturer to gain access to the e-commerce giant's system.

Meanwhile, Smartisan and OnePlus were focusing on the innovation and manufacturing their smartphones in an attempt to bring new elements to the market that could continuously refresh users' experience.

Examining the financial position and performance of the three market players, alongside the latest models for each, RP International's report concludes that they have "successfully put down roots in the country."

It acknowledges that the sales figures for Smartisan, Meizu and OnePlus are dwarfed by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, but says the increasing popularity of Chinese smartphones is cause for optimism.

However, it ends by warning that "the momentum of China smartphones will not last forever", while those with ambitions to seek sales abroad would be wise to heed the warning of Xiaomi. The Beijing-based firm attempted to move into the Indian smartphone market, only to be banned from importing and selling its smartphones in the country due to a patent dispute with Ericsson.



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