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BT Sport founder will helm BT-EE merger

21/01/2016 by Richard Maddock


Howard Watson, the man brought in to oversee BT's merger with mobile firm EE, says that the next five years will be "transformational in terms of how people communicate", the Telegraph reports.

Watson, who has been at the telco for five years and is credited with founding BT Sport, said he was looking forward to making his contribution at an exciting time for the industry.

Watson's first major task as BT's new head of technology will be to ensure the smooth integration of EE into BT's network, with the £12.5 billion merger deal given official approval last week.

By combining the two companies, BT will boast more than 35 million television, broadband, fixed-line and mobile customers.

The acquisition means BT can press ahead with plans to bring wireless roaming, Wi-Fi, data and voice services into one integrated "hybrid" network that combines mobile phone networks and fixed-line infrastructure.

The telecom firm believes Watson's experience in overseeing its information technology division in Bangalore will serve him well managing the infrastructure behind BT's television and mobile service.

The shift across departments puts Watson in the "engine room", BT said, with the division comprising some 20,000 research and development staff.

"BT has been my home since 2011 and we have achieved great things under its umbrella," said Watson.

Gavin Patterson, BT chief executive, added: "Howard is absolutely the right man to oversee the integration of our network with EE's."

Watson replaces BT veteran Clive Selley, who will move across to BT's broadband arm Opeanreach in the spring, assuming the position of chief executive. 


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