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UK cyber-security experts demanding sky-high salaries

9/12/2015 by Stuart Wilson


Britain's top cyber-security experts can expect to earn up to £10,000 a day as the potential risk of cyber-attack sees UK companies take a 'better safe than sorry approach' to protecting their IT systems, according to Manpower.

Recent high-profile attacks –the Talk Talk breach the most notable – will likely have driven cyber-security experts' day rates upwards and will see it continue to rise going into next year, says the research.

Manpower said its findings show that the demand for IT security expertise had quadrupled in 2015 compared with the previous year.

The ever-increasing demand for experts mean that even less experienced specialists can expect to earn more than £3,000 a day to tackle the escalating threat to sensitive digital information.

Mark Cahill, Manpower's UK managing director, pointed out cyber-attacks cost the global economy up to up to $575 billion (£381 billion) a year – statistics which have forced the hand of many UK firms.

"Companies are having to invest heavily to protect themselves and they now believe that cyber breaches are inevitable, with their focus moving to responding to attacks rather than just prevention," he said.

"We expect the biggest growth area next year to be in 'cyber-security crisis management', with large organisations bolstering their own in-house security teams as well as calling on specialist contractors."

The move by the UK's top firms to increase the amount of resources towards cyber-security is reflected by the British government which recently decided to increase spending on cyber-security to £2 billion by 2020. 


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