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IoT will create "jobs that do not even exist today"

14/12/2015 by


The Internet of Things (IoT) will spawn many new jobs globally, as more objects become embedded with sensors and gain the ability to communicate, according to Cisco.

Speaking at a press conference held in Dubai last week for the 'Internet of Things World Forum 2015', Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager of Cisco Services forecast that the new roles will include "cloud brokers", digital-experience architects and machine-learning engineers.

There will also be a demand for business transformation practitioners, platform developers, robotics specialists, enterprise architects, network programmers, data scientists, customer makers and cognitive engineers, says Beliveau-Dunn.

"Prepare for jobs that do not even exist today," she said.

However, it will be cyber-security experts who will be in most demand as the era of machines that can "talk" with other machines takes a hold.

Many countries are already making preparations for this growing demand. Israel, for instance, has enlisted the help of Cisco to create a cyber-security university.

Businesses, too, should make every effort to protect their IT systems in order to realise the full value of IoT, stressed Beliveau-Dunn.

She said every firm had to think about how it could become a "more-technology" organisation, and work out how to use technology to drive a new business model.

That means connecting to a talent pool, as well re-skilling its workforce, as people are "the critical factor to make this [IoT benefits] happen," explained Beliveau-Dunn.

"With digitalisation impacting every single industry, there is an urgent need to help individuals working in these industries re-skill and at the same time up-skill the next generation of talent to be ready for digital and IoT jobs," she added.


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