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CEOs warned against taking a backseat on cyber-security

4/12/2015 by


CEOs should make it their business to become cyber-security experts and take personal responsibility for ensuring that the company attitude towards the subject is what it should be, says the CEO of Finnish security firm SSH Communications Security.

Harri Koponen suggests that CEOs are often guilty of taking a backseat on cyber-security, but that passive approach can and will cause them problems at some point.

Speaking to European CEO, Koponen explained that the "buck starts from the CEO" and they need to sufficiently educate themselves about the topic of cyber-security.

"You can't say in court, 'I didn't know'," he points out. "So it's not just one time making a big vision statement and then moving on to the next thing. You need to dig the details.

"And if you don't know, go and educate yourself. Go and understand encryption: what it really means. How to protect the cloud. What we mean about the internet of things, or the industrialised internet."

Koponen claims that prioritising cyber-security won't just help protect a business' profits, it can also be used to enhance a company's competitiveness.

He explained: "If you do things in a proactive way, and you make them – if you have a flow of things, if you don't stop the business flow. [...] But you protect the information so that business can continue, this is a positive thing."

Koponen was also asked about how he sees cyber-security evolving as the business landscape develops. He believes that the first thing that needs to happen is for systems to be made easier to use, so that even non-technical users don't make a foul move.

He also wants to see the eradication of businesses who continue to think: "Oh, it's not bothering me," or, "Our company is not really under attack".

"We are all under attack all the time", he stressed. "The game is on, all the time. And we need to play the game in a way that protects systems, by professionals."


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