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BT Assure Cyber embeds Pentaho to enable quicker threat response

17/12/2015 by


BT Assure Cyber has come to an agreement with Pentaho which will allow the telco to blend and analyse unstructured data types at scale.

Essentially, this means that the tool can now carry out searches in a matter of seconds, rather than a couple of days, meaning that vulnerabilities can be identified and remedied much faster.

BT Assure Cyber, which is built for large organisations, assimilates event data and telemetry from a rich variety of data sources including business systems, traditional security controls and advanced detection tools.

By embedding Pentaho's big data integration and analytics platform, it will allow users to glean insights from all the data, relational and unstructured. Therefore, no time is wasted trying to make sense of the data, ensuring vulnerabilities and incidents are flagged up immediately.

With 38% more security incidents being reported in 2015 compared to 2014 – according to the Global State of Information Security – telecoms firms have sought to capitalise on the growing cyber-security market. Tools to protect big businesses are particularly lucrative, with breaches costing the global economy hundreds of billions of pounds annually.

Pentaho, a Hitachi Group company, explained that analysing relational data alone provides only limited context and visibility in relation to potential security threats. However, blending structured and unstructured data from disparate sources provides a more holistic view, making for better decisions.

"BT's Assure Cyber service is exactly the type of complex and critical enterprise data management for which Pentaho is engineered," said Paul Scholey, VP EMEA & APAC, Pentaho.

"Crucially, since cybercrime continually evolves, it's essential that Assure Cyber is built on an open standards, future-proof platform like Pentaho that can integrate whatever new data types and tools BT may need to introduce into its reference architecture over time."


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